Fiduciary, Inc.

State of Arizona
Fiduciary License #20069

7147 North 59th Ave.
Glendale, AZ 85301






About Us

Since its founding in 1995 by Greg DoVico and his wife, Peggy DoVico (“DoVico”), Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. has strived to be one of the premier fiduciaries in Arizona.  Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. is a probate court-appointed fiduciary that not only deals with decedent estates as the Personal Representative (in some states known as executor, executrix, administrator, administratrix), but also serves in the capacity of Guardian, Conservator and Trustee for incapacitated persons to ensure that vulnerable adults are not the victims of exploitation.

In addition to licensed fiduciaries on staff serving in Case Management for Conservatorships and Guardianships, Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. has care managers (nurses and social workers) that oversee the care management for protected persons as well.

Whether your needs include coordination of estate planning with your estate attorney in estate management of Trusts, be they Special Needs Trusts for ALTCS and AHCCCS planning, or very large estates, Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. is ready to assist you. 

Lastly, Southwest Fiduciary, Inc. works closely with other professionals in tax preparation, forensic auditing, as well as acting in a receivership capacity.